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November 25, 2014

2014 Holiday Hours

October 30, 2014

Hair Extensions Models


2014 Holiday Hours

We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!!!


Hair Extensions Models

Dear Vogaholics,

We are excited to announce the launch of Kansas City’s first Hair Extensions Apprenticeship Program. This is a structured training platform led by Ashlee Laya, Voga Salon’s co-founder and master extensionist, for Voga stylist to learn the art of applying hair extensions. 

We are excited to congratulate Danielle Albro & Megan Brake for earning their spot as the first two Voga stylist to join this program. They have worked hard to meet a number of pre-requesits, and they are eager to put in the work to grow their careers in this direction. 

Becoming a hair extensionist at Voga Salon will require an in-depth understanding of hair chemistry, color theory, hair composition, and lots of practice over several months. As part of their training, we will have a number of Model Opportunities available for education purposes.  Models will enjoy the benefits of big discounts on different hair extension services. If you are interested in becoming a model please read below for models qualifications & pricing.  


Over the years we have successfully used hair extensions as a tool to help hundreds of women love their hairstyle, and make many hair dreams come true in just a matter of hours. From having longer & fuller hair, to adding color without undergoing a chemical process, and even making thinning hair and bald patches disappear, our approach to hair extensions delivers amazing results.


Our presence in the hair extension arena has been led by Ashlee Laya, co-founder & master hair extensionist at Voga Salon. Ashlee has spent the last seven years of her career working exclusively with hair extensions. Her resume includes hundreds of hair extension applications, several hours of continuing education, and many years as a nationwide master extensions educator. Her dedication and passion for this technology has successfully launched her as a nationwide leader in the micro-link extension market, with volumes that place her as top 5 in the country. 


Models must be 18 years of age or older & have shoulder length hair. Model pricing will depend on hair length and service that models qualifies for. Lengthening services start around $450 (over $400 in savings!). If you are interested in becoming a model, please call us at 913.685.1832 to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Note for current hair extension clients: Refer a friend & you will receive 50% OFF your next Hair Extension Maintenance (Over $60 in savings).


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an international effort to help raise awareness of this disease.  We would like to encourage you to contribute to this wonderful cause by making donations, participating in local walks to help raise funds for cancer research, and wearing lots of PINK! If you are looking for a way to get involved, here are couple of ideas:

1. Sign up for the 2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk:

Source: American Cancer Society - Click Here to visit page. 

This is a non-competitive, 5K walk meant to help bring a lifetime of change for people facing breast cancer and their families. It will take place Saturday, October 25th at 9:00 am. Walk starts at Liberty Memorial (100 W 26th St, Kansas City, MO). 

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a celebration of survivorship, an occasion to express hope and our shared determination to make this breast cancer’s last century.

Every Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC) event is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with breast cancer research, information and services, and access to mammograms for women who need them.”

2. Visit Susan G Komen of Greater Kansas City to get more information about upcoming events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, making donations, and much more.  Click here to visit page.



The Voga Team would like to help you bring out the PINK in you!

During the month of October enjoy:

50% OFF PINK extensions.

- Receive a complimentary PINK extension with any haircut or color service

(while supply last). 

Best Hair Salon for Bridal Services Award

Wedding days are very special at Voga! We love the positive energy that radiates from our brides and their bridal parties, and we feel honored to share those important moments with them.

Today we are super excited to share with you that Brides Magazine has named us one of America’s Best Hair Salons for Bridal Services!!! Big THANK YOU to all the beautiful brides who allowed us to be part of their special day, and made this possible. Our team feels humbled and grateful for such recognition.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our wonderful team members for their hard work and dedication to customer service. We feel very fortunate to have such a fantastic work family!! 

Be Vogaholic


Quality Nail Services in Overland Park

Nail Services:

NAILS BNWe are excited to announce that we are now offering nail services!! You are now able to enjoy quality nail services in the privacy and comfort of our suites! We offer a sanitary, relaxing and professional environment to help you keep your hands and feet looking their best!

We are currently taking appointments for manicure clients Wednesday thru Saturday. Our custom spa pedicure equipment is being made in NYC & will be delivered in just a few weeks! 

Our nails expert, Shana Chounelamany, is a great artist with a welcoming & friendly personality. Shana strives at delivering a fantastic experience to every customer, and she enjoys using her creativity to deliver unique, fun & super cute looks to your hands & feet.

Nail Room



The Classico: $27

A relaxing and pampering experience that leaves your hands feeling and looking great! It includes:

  • Polish Removal.
  • Softening soak.
  • Cuticle is treated and conditioned.
  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed.
  • Hands and forearms are gently massaged with a tropical moisturizing lotion.
  • Polish color of choice is applied. French and other nail art is also available.

The Expresso: $15

Ideal for busy clients who want beautiful nails on the go! It includes:

  • Polish Removal.
  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed.
  • Polish color of choice is applied. French and other nail art is also available.

The Pricipessa (10 Y/O & under): $15

The Classico pampering experience for the little ones. It includes:

  • Polish Removal.
  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed.
  • Hands and forearms are gently massaged with a tropical moisturizing lotion.
  • Polish color of choice is applied. French and other nail art is also available.

The Maschio: $19

Men’s Service of Choice! A relaxing experience that leaves hands looking clean and professional. It includes:

  • Includes a softening soak.
  • Cuticle is treated and conditioned.
  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed.
  • Service is finished with a relaxing forearms and hands massage.

Gel – Shellac Classico: $39

The Classico pampering experience for Gel – Shellac clients. It includes:

  • Softening soak.
  • Cuticle is treated and conditioned.
  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed.
  • Gel color of choice is applied. French and other nail art is also available.
  • Hands and forearms are gently massaged with a tropical moisturizing lotion.

Gel – Shellac Expresso: $29

  • Nails are cut, filed to desired shape and buffed. 
  • Gel color of choice is applied. French and other nail art is also available.
  • Hands and forearms are gently massaged with a tropical moisturizing lotion.

Nail Customization Options:

We offer a wide variety of unique and fun nail designs. These include glitters, powder additives, decals, hand-drawn designs, and 3D embellishments of various sizes, shapes & colors. Nail customization prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the number of nails done. Consult our nail tech for an estimate on your design of choice. 


Mother’s Day Special



Mother’s days is rapidly approaching!! Let your Mom know how special she is to you by giving her a beautifying & pampering experience with our team.
Bring Mom for a relaxing blowout, a trendy haircut, beautiful color, girls night out makeup, or cute nails to go with this nice weather, and we will take great care of her while delivering fantastic service!!



Mother’s Day Specials:

  • Buy a $75 Gift Card for $50, & receive 1 complimentary eyebrow threading (Savings of $45)
  • Buy a $150 Gift Card & receive a Free set of Davines Shampoo & Conditioner, 1 complimentary eyebrow threading & 20% OFF your first Manicure service at Voga! (Over $80 in Savings!!)

Promotion ends Saturday May 10th 2014 at 5:00pm

To schedule an appointment call us at 913.685.1832

Be Vogaholic!!

Hair Extensions: Length, Volume, Color, and More!

HE A15Hair extensions are often used by movie starts to add length and rapidly transform from one style to another. However, there are lots of other uses for extensions (and you don’t have to be a diva to get the hair of your dreams). At Voga Salon in Overland Park, our owner Ashlee is a Master Extensionist. She’ll help you transform your hairstyle in a number of ways.

If it’s length you want, we’ll add up to 150 strands of 100% human, Remy Cuticle hair to your own. This gives you a customized, natural look. Of course, any time you add extensions for length, you get an added bonus- more volume.

Have fine, limp or thin hair and you’ve tried everything to make it fuller?  Extensions can give you more volume.  We’ll add 50-75 strands into the mid-section of your hair to bulk out your style and customize them to match your length.

If you have breakage areas around your face, which are typically caused by hot tools or chemical processing, we can help you fix that problem too. We can add 25-30 extensions strands in the breakage areas to fill in the gaps & we will blend it to look very natural with your hairstyle.  

Want to add pops of color without undergoing a chemical color or bleach process? Then, extensions are perfect for you!We have a variety of colors that will allow you to add subtle highlights, lowlights or vivid streaks of color in just seconds! 

As you can see, hair extensions may be a good fit for you even if you don’t want longer hair. Why not set up a thirty minute, complimentary consultation with Ashlee to see if you’re a good candidate for our unique hair extension system. Come in & let us help you fall back in love with your hairstyle!


Curly hair? You need a DevaCut!

DevaCutIf you have curly hair, you’ve probably had at least one botched hair cut in your life and that can be miserable. At Voga Salon in Overland Park, KS, we specialize in curly hair and we’re Deva Cut certified. What does that mean to you? You’ll get a cut that’s specific to your type of curl.

Most hair cutting techniques are designed for straight hair. Unfortunately, curly hair doesn’t grow out of the scalp the same way. Each individual curl grows at its own rate and shape. The Deva Cut method is revolutionary as it takes into account your unique curl pattern (if you’d like to find out what kind of curl you have, you can check it out here.)

Our stylists have been Deva Cut trained to recognize the shape of each curl and cut accordingly. The hair cut is done dry and in its natural form, curl by curl. This allows the stylist to sculpt your hair because no two curls are ever alike. Unlike most haircuts, we suggest that you come in for your cut with fresh, dry curls for your appointment. That way your stylist can see your hair detangled and defined. If you have kinky curls, we’ll be able to assess your shrinkage, so your cut isn’t too short.

Once cut, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have a frizz-free look that highlights your curls and is easy to manage. We encourage our clients to use the Deva Curl three step system, for gorgeous manageable curls. It starts with Deva Curl, No Poo a healthy sulfate-free shampoo alternative, followed by One Condition to keep your curls hydrated. We finish off the style with a Light Defining Gel. It’s alcohol free and light hold, so you can scrunch your hair into a perfect style.

If you’re a curly haired gal, there’s no better place in town to get a haircut than Voga Salon. Our Deva Cut trained stylists, will not only give you the best cut you’ve ever had, they’ll teach you how to work with your hair so it’s gorgeous 100% of the time. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

Say good-bye to thinning hair with the Evolve Volumizer

Evolve Volumizer-Voga SalonIf you have thinning hair, you’re not alone. Over 30,000,000 women suffer from thinning hair due to aging, hormonal issues, alopecia and thyroid problems. It’s also perfect for women recovering from chemotherapy. At Voga, we’re the only salon in Kansas City to offer the Evolve Volumizer- a wearable solution for fine and thinning hair. 

The Evolve Volumizer is a safe alternative for women with up to 50% hair loss at the crown. Unlike other products, there’s no glue or heat to attach the product and you do not have to shave your head. It’s attached with tiny micro-cylinders to your hair and you can wear it both day and night for up to twelve months.

Since the Evolve Volumizer is made from 100% natural hair, it’s soft to the touch and it moves like your own hair. It’s also easy to wash, style and maintain. And, it’s also heat resistant so you can continue to use your flat iron and blow dryer. 

Since the hair piece comes in a large variety of hair colors, and four textures,  it’s easy for our stylists to match it to your natural hair. The Evolve Volumizer is twelve inches long (close to shoulder length). Want longer hair? No problem, It works well with our extensions so we can customize a look just for you. 

Our professional stylists give you a personal consultation to make sure that the Evolve Volumizer is the right solution for you. The application appointment takes around 2 1/2 hours. After that, we’ll see you every four weeks for an appointment where we adjust the hair piece. 

The Evolve Volumizer gives you a more natural, healthy alternative to have the full head of hair that you’ve always wanted. And, it’s at a reasonable priced too! It’s a natural looking alternative that’s a perfect choice for women that want to say good-bye to their thinning hair forever. 


Get your hair and make-up done for your wedding at Voga Salon

Get your hair and make-up done for your wedding- Voga SalonYou want your wedding to be perfect. That’s why you’re making sure all the details are covered- from the flowers to the food and the guest list. Have you made a decision on who will do your hair and make-up on your big day? How about Voga Salon?

We’ll give you a complimentary consultation to discuss your big day. Since we specialize in bridal parties, our detailed questionnaire will make sure that your day goes as planned. And, you’ll get a written proposal from us so you’ll know the cost of all the services. There are no hidden surprises so there’s nothing to worry about the day of the wedding.

 Want to have your entire bridal party pampered? No problem, we’ll give you a detailed schedule for the day along with a list of who’s paying for which service. Our hair stylists are used to working under pressure (and showing no stress), so you won’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, we’ve never had a late wedding. Ever.  

We’re here to make your day special. You’ll have your hair and make-up done in a private room so you’re relaxed (or we can come to you). And, because we do a trial run before the wedding, you’ll know that you’ve chosen a look that the groom will never forget.

We’ll perfect your look with professional airbrush make-up application. Since it layers on in a fine mist, you’ll stay fresh looking all day long. And, it’s HD quality make-up so your pictures will be amazing.

If you’re looking for a salon that will help you look gorgeous on your wedding day and pays attention to the details, Voga Salon is for you. Call us today and let’s set a time to visit about your upcoming plans. Together, we’ll make it a day to remember.